Tax Preparation Services


Tax Preparation: Can You Just Do It Yourself?

Some people are well aware of the fact that they need professional tax preparation assistance, but others feel as though they can go to alone. The DIY folks may be able to file without being penalized, but they may also be paying more than they have to, and this is often the case. On the other hand, when you engage a CPA like Moshe Pelberg, you can be certain that your returns will be prepared in a tax efficient manner. Even if you feel as though your situation is relatively simple and straightforward, you may be pleasantly surprised when you find out what a savvy, experienced CPA can do for you.

Individual Tax Planning

After preparing and filing your first tax return, Moshe can take the understanding that he gained of your financial situation, and provide targeted tax planning. Whether short-term planning to help deal with a specific situation, or long term planning for retirement, Moshe will work with you to understand your goals and prepare a plan to meet those goals.

Tax Planning for Small Businesses

You can rely on Moshe for all of your individual tax planning needs, but he also has a great deal of experience with tax planning for small businesses. A relatively small investment in a good CPA can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Moshe can step in after you have established your business, but he can also provide guidance during the formation process to help you identify the ideal structure for your business entity.

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