FREE 90-Day Bookkeeping Challenge

As a small business owner, how do you know when it is time to outsource your bookkeeping?

A- When your business is generating transactions that cross over the “routine” line and edge towards the “complex” line

B- When the revenue that you generate by focusing the additional time and energy on operations is greater than the cost of hiring the certified professional to maintain the books

C- When you realize the value of closing your books accurately and on-time each month/quarter

D- When you get the feeling that your books contain an untapped wealth of information that a highly trained professional can help you find

E- All of the above

If your answer is any of the above, contact me today to take my FREE 90-DAY BOOKKEEPING CHALLENGE.

I will maintain your financial records for 90 days, including setting up or cleaning up your Quickbooks file. You will have the freedom to focus on what you do best- operating your business. At the end of the 90-day period, I will give you a brief analysis of your business performance during that time. If you are not satisfied with the results, the Quickbooks file is yours to keep.