Accounting & Quickbook Services

Moshe Pelberg is a local certified public accountant who is largely focused on the needs of small businesses and individuals in the greater Baltimore area. He has been building on his Accounting-Services-in-Baltimore-Lutherville-and-Towson-MDreputation for more than two decades, and he offers a comprehensive slate of accounting services. Over the years, he has helped countless people achieve their financial goals, and he believes in truly personalized attention. His unique and sincere approach to relationship building is something that sets him apart, and he has a very high client retention rate, because people appreciate his low-key but highly effective nature.

Business Bookkeeping and Accounting

If you are operating a small business, you are probably very good at what you do, but you may not know a lot about the accounting side of things. Money may be coming in, but there is also money going out, and the bottom line may not be to your liking. This is where an experienced certified accountant like Moshe Pelberg can enter the picture to make a huge difference. He can analyze your financial records, ask the right questions, and make suggestions that can bolster your net earnings. An accountant can also help you adhere to best practices to maintain accurate records so that you can always be fully apprised of where you stand. Of course, taxes are going to be a source of concern, and Moshe can make sure that you file on time in a tax efficient manner.

Contact Moshe Pelberg, CPA

If you would like to discuss your accounting needs with Moshe Pelberg, he would be more than glad to answer all of your questions. You can e-mail him at or simply give him a call at 410-963-1247.