Accountant in Baltimore and Lutherville

If you need an accountant in Baltimore, Lutherville, Owings Mills, Pikesville, Timonium or Towson then Moshe Pelberg CPA can help. They are a customer oriented accounting firm and they can help you with bookkeeping, financial accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, taxes, audits and personal finance and wealth creation.


Keeping a proper set of books is vital when you own or manage a business. To maintain a proper set of books you will need accounting software and one or more people to post the entries. If you need your own in-house accounting package, your accountant or CPA can help you with the selection and implementation of the appropriate software including staff training.


As a business, you will need annual audit and your accounting firm can provide you with signed financial statements that will be acceptable to outside parties such as banks, the IRS and so on. The financial statement will also provide you with information that will help you make informed business and financial decisions.


An accountant can provide more services than crafting financial statements. You can consider an account as valuable business consultant who can help you make the right decisions when it comes to expansions, investments, restructuring and so on. Maybe you want to buy a business or you’re your business. Your accountant can help you determine a true value of the business in question.


Other important areas where an accountant can be of great help include taxation, payroll services, estate planning, notary services, investments, retirement planning and financial analysis. You should consider you accountant as a financial partner who can help you with various financial matters form basic bookkeeping to financial statements and analysis.


Whether you need audit services in Baltimore, tax preparation in Lutherville, financial planning in Owings Mills, estate planning in Pikesville, investment advice in Timonium or accounting service in Towson , Moshe Pelberg CPA has the right accountant to help you.